NEW BOOK RELEASE SEPTEMBER 4, 2015!!! the birth of bourbon: a photographic tour of early distilleries


When I began photographing as a child, the camera was a way to explore details of the material world. As a young woman I used photography as a means of capturing my daily life, a type of visual journaling that suited my preoccupation with self awareness. Janine Niepce, who I studied with in Paris, France, in 1974, encouraged me to use photography to reveal, artistically and with a sense of the documentary, the lives of others. From my studies with her photography became a way to present an artistic image while staying grounded in realism. Later, Miksang dharma photography studies pushed me to expand the artistic image beyond expected and anticipated concepts while participating authentically in the whole photographic process. My current work explores images and photographic processes that communicate memoir of all types: personal, cultural, historical, and of the land.

In addition to my personal art I am interested in the process of creativity as a path to personal awareness and understanding. I believe we engage art to engage ourselves. Through creativity the artist seeks to understand purpose, explore relationship, express values, understand our personal history, adventure into philosophy and spiritual yearnings, expose our deepest feelings, and ask our most burning questions. Working through The Center for Mindful Living Practices ( I developed the EyeAm Photo Works program as a participatory documentary photography project. The purpose of this program is to allow participants to visually tell their story while traveling a path to empowered personal potential, while also engaging the community in dialogue about important mental health issues.