Carol Peachee Photography | About
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I see my purpose photographically as quiet activism…I hope to stimulate a preservationist or conservationist response.

My current work explores images and photographic processes that represent humanity’s cultural and natural heritage. I am interested in the effects of time through the visual investigation of Presence and Absence within a space. The stillness of cultural and natural heritage sites seems to call out reflection, contemplation, and internal awareness of time. Standing in the cold ruins of a 100-year-old industrial site, hearing only the distant drip of water where once was blasting heat and engine roars immerses one in the silence of mortality. Returning to a shoreline and finding it completely reconfigured after a year, grounds one in the recognition of time, change, and one’s place in the moment.

In addition to my personal art I am interested in the process of creativity as a fundamental element in whole person wellness and a path to self-actualization. Working through The Center for Mindful Living Practices ( I lead various workshops including The Camera as a Tool for Healing, Creativity Coaching for individuals, and a participatory documentary photography project, EyeAm Photo Works, that emphasizes photography as memoir.