Carol Peachee Photography | Distilleries
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Old Crowe Distillery

Two Great Wheels

Prentice Fermenting Room

TW Samuels Bottling Line

Blue Hopper

Blue Gear

Old Taylor Distillery

Pepper's Steam Pipes

Taylor's Oven

Crowe's Engine Room

Golden Wall

About This Project

In The Birth of Bourbon: A Photographic Tour of Early Distilleries I photographed four abandoned bourbon distilleries, and four National Historic Landmark or National Historic Register areas of bourbon distilleries currently operating.  I began this project as an exploration of Kentucky’s industrial heritage and felt that the bourbon industry was an iconic symbol of that heritage. My aim was to document these sites from a creative perspective, bringing to each image the sense of memoir, presence, and stillness that I experienced in each space. I discovered that each site seemed to have its own personality and I conveyed that using the abundant color, texture, pattern, form and spirit available .