Carol Peachee Photography | Historic Houses
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Historic Houses

Pope Villa

Second Floor Fireplace

Tarr House Ceiling

Paris House

Morgan's Station

Shryock Attic Glow

Willis Green House Mantle

Pleasant Hill Meeting House

About This Project

When I began photographing historic domestic architecture  I was interested in memoir of place and home. I began with the Historic Ruins of the Blue Grass project.  My work focused on endangered historic homes, most of which were deteriorated beyond human habitation.  I was deeply fascinated by the otherworldly beauty in the reclamation of the human built world by time and nature and the deep stillness I found there. I used HDR process to express both the deterioration and the beauty of the ruins.  Further projects have taken me to historic homesteads reclaimed by human occupants, either for preservation, repurposing, or as a born again home.