Carol Peachee Photography | Craft Stills
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Craft Stills

Casey Jones Distillery Still

Copper & Kings Still

Makers Still

New Riff Still

Second Sight Spirts Still

Barton 1792 Tail Box

Woodford's Stills

Barrel House Distilling Still

Maker's Heritage Still

About This Project

After photographing the craft copper workshops I visited all the craft distilleries operating at the time (2016) and photographed their stills, most all of which had been made by the copper craftsmen I had just photographed.  The copper still, along with the white oak barrel, is the iconic symbol of bourbon distilling, even though stills are used for other spirits. Regardless of whether the still is a hybrid, column or pot still, it is the pride, joy and often bane of every distiller. I included all the craft stills along with many historic stills that are still used or showcased in some way in my second book, Straight Bourbon: Distilling the Industry’s Heritage.